Friday, July 31, 2009

White House Inter-Scandinavian-American Beer Summit

Jeff Swanson shares the story of his egregious arrest in Chapel Hill, NC, by a Norwegian-American police officer, Sgt. Sigurd Bjornstad. He calls upon President Obama to hold a Scandinavian-American beer summit at the White House. "If this happened to me right here in my home town, while I was breaking into my own minivan, it could happen to any other Swedish-American academic in the United States," Swanson says.

UPDATE! Sgt. Bjornstad has posted his own video disputing Swanson's version of the arrest and suggesting a Lutefisk Summit to address inter-Scandinavian hostilities.


Lisa Maria Madera said...

I wanted to invite you to the Southern Association of Swedish Brewers. We meet most Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Usually Monday and Tuesday as well. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by invitation only. But if you are a memeber of the SASB then you don't need any invitation other than this one.

Lisa Maria Madera said...

In rereading my earlier comment I realized I may have been a bit misleading. It's not that we are brewers per-se, but rather the Southern Association for Swedish Brewers is perhaps more accurately described as the Southern Association of Swedes who appreciate Brewers....At any rate, the acronym remains the same and I think you would be a stand up member...